Our COVID-19 Policies

We have instituted additional safety precautions to further protect our staff and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Our staff will undergo twice daily health screening including body temperature reading.
  •  We will be pre-screening  patients prior to their arrival with a variety of health questions.
  • Upon arriving at our office, all patients will have their temperature taken, they will be given hand sanitizer to use, and we will be asking health screening questions again.
  • We will have patients and staff wear a mask while in the office.
  • We will be sanitizing high touch surfaces hourly. 
  • We have increased the use of high speed suction for our procedures.
  • We have installed air purifiers in each operatory with HEPA filters and UVC  lights.
  • We have installed a UV light system in our central HVAC system.
  • We have instituted hypochlorus acid fogging of the office.
  • We ask that patients come alone to the office. Please avoid bringing guests.  
  • We request that you don’t enter the office until 5 minutes before your appointment start time.
  • We will have to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late.  Our staff needs an appropriate amount of time to properly clean and disinfect the operatory after each patient.  If you are late, this impacts our ability see our next patient on time.
  • We will not be cleaning night guards or retainers due to the increased risk of exposure to our staff.
  • We will not be giving out any toothpaste or floss samples.  Doing so increases the risk of cross contamination.